“Go out and have fun.  Golf is a game for everyone, not just the talented few.”

Harvey Penick


Group Lessons

Group tuition is designed to aid learning in a less formal and more relaxed atmosphere and make learning golf more fun! These sessions are great for getting to meet new people as well as getting expert tuition.  Our main aim is to get you out on the golf course as soon as possible.

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Individual Lessons

Individual golf lessons are available to all ages and abilities ranging from the complete novice to the more accomplished player. They are particularly ideal for those individuals who wish to develop quietly at their own pace, or for those who wish to concentrate on improving a particular element of their game.

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Junior Lessons

The beauty of Golf is that you can take it up at pretty much any age.  Over the years it’s become extremely popular for the youngsters. We have over 130 children attend our Academy Sessions each week. Take a look at our other website 18undergolf.co.uk for all details

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Why Golf

Playing golf can bring you some impressive health and wellbeing benefits…

  • It’s better than a fast and furious gym session
  • It brings people closer together
  • It helps combat stress
  • It’s good for your heart
  • Can be taken up at any age
  • Fun for all the family


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